Views From My Deathbed

by Deathbed



Demo from Brisbane's Deathbed. Mosh with intention to kill.


released May 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Death's Grip Brisbane, Australia

Sow. Cultivate. Reap

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Track Name: Revolt
Don't feel human
I cant feel free
Alone in a room so crowded
Stares pierce my reflection
A hatred made to displace you
This hate scars my skin
Violence a cause for reaction
Aggression caused by oppression
Fighting a losing battle
Ill fall but never plead mercy
Through the air I breath
I've failed to fit your description
A coffin made from birth
Bend my hand
Push me to the side.
Bled for no one
Nor bruised for you
Owed you nothing
Who the fuck are you?
Cut you down
Cut you out
Knock you down
Breaking out
Track Name: Nervous Breakdown
Brother take my hand.
I know we're facing these dark times.
Pushed so far away
bottled up the pain
I know its breaking you
its breaking me
Show yourself to them
Hide yourself from me
falling through the cracks
Seeing you hurt
Time after time
Alone so alone
Emotions bleeding through
If I'm reaching out could you even save me

Does it even matter
Do you even care?
Track Name: Transparency
Cast into the light
now I see your soul
you've grown bitter through all of the years
all you've left is a broken home.
Trapped in darkness, Assume a truth not to be found.
Burn it to the ground
You're so very lost
You don't even know yourself
Swallow all your emptiness and pride
you can't run
when all you do is hide
We've forgotten the great you can be,
You've been tarnished
You've been drowned
Fake persona; Social chameleon
You don't even know yourself.

You don't even know yourself
do you feel nothing?
Dead and rotting
Gone is the light in your eyes
Burn it to the ground.
Track Name: Wither
Watch the worms crawl from my ears
Watch my eyes sink into my skull
Watch my soul decay
Watch me wilt
Watch me fade away
Where did all the colours go?
All my visions turned to grey
Everything was so warm
I'm growing cold
rip my heart out
Watch it explode
Crushing under the pressure
Crushing under the guilt
Crushing under the pressure
falling through gaps
that once were filled
you stripped me of my pride
you watched me bend
You watched me wilt; And then watched me die
Watch me fade away
You let me fade away