Too Late

by Too Late



released June 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Death's Grip Brisbane, Australia

Sow. Cultivate. Reap

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Track Name: Nothing
No Divinity. No more Morality. Paradise is all but gone. Humanity has had too long.
Track Name: Morality
In the face of annihilation you have nothing to give. Poison the ground that you stand on. Sold your will to live. Start the fires, watch the old world burn. Watch the giants, to ash they turn. Lungs of the earth, smoke and ash. Now gone forever, no turning back. The legacy carved out, dark ages in time. The cancer rendered itself benign. Twisted the fibres, tied the rope. Imprisoned the world, now we watch it choke. Swinging corpse of our earth, humanity it’s final curse.
Track Name: Belial
All you do is slight of hand. Nobody trusts you, nobody can. Taking every chance to get, drowning in your sea of shit. Promises that pave your path, promises that never last. Think the worlds under your thumb, treat your words like a loaded gun. Material christ substance of desire, shower me in
promises before your time expires. Promises that pave your path, promises that never last, taking every chance you get, drowning in your sea of shit. Sea of shit.
Track Name: Leviathan
Under the sun or under the earth, counting the days til the back of a hearse. Your legacy a name on a stone, kingdom of ash, dirt for a throne. Beneath your script of misery, blame your failures on destiny.
Track Name: Damocles
Burn their bones after they rot. Let the memory turn to dust. Watch the plague gorge itself. See it build the living hell. Angel of death, messiah. Punish the guilty, justice we desire. Sweat drying on factory floors. Children dying in foreign wars. Families starve, campaigns bloat, as outraged waive their right to vote. Angel of death, we desire.
Track Name: Congregation
Divine injustice, your god is a crutch, yet you call him a compass. Fools. His words are your words, plans, desires. Speaking for others, prophecy. Contributing slowly to the mind of the hive. Your fear of the lonely is keeping him alive.
Track Name: Void Of Sin
Skies are lit with fire and ash. Laying waste to all of man. Barren wasteland, end of soul. Profits turn to dust, prophets turn to gold. Arise tormentor of man light the path as we descend. Kingdom free from infidel. Pray for heaven. For them we pray for hell. Humanity is growing cold, now we see the calf of gold. Watch them kneel, watch pockets grow. Caring for noone but crying for all. They burn, alone.
Track Name: Doctrine
Preach hate, moral decline, designate and vilify. Hysteria, discontent, mobilise the ignorant. Appetite for distraction, controversy and misdirection. Insight violence, installing fear. Parade the story as
though you care. Reasonable outrage every day. Another reason to look away. Real disaster remains unseen, power dictates your beliefs.
Track Name: Abraxas
Reborn into sin, divided by mind. Slave to virtues, slave to time. Faith in a promise, given to who? I am Abraxas, master of my fate. I never repented, until I was made. The chorus of hell resounding through time.
Track Name: Thamus
Your lofty claims get you far, carefully hiding what you are. Reputations only grow, what is a legacy with nothing to show? Watch ambitions fade to me. Bow to your new master, I am reality. Empty veins without a heart. Always searching for your part.
Track Name: Cursed
Humanity has tied the rope, now the earth hangs by it’s throat. Exist by coincidence, power we create. Control disillusioned, outline their fate. Rapture, satisfaction; fall to the devine. Faith, revelation; transcend genuine. We tied the rope. The earth hangs by it’s throat.